Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dreams Can Come True!

It's funny how Chloe can make the smallest request and it seems to happen. Maybe not in the way that one would expect, but in a "round about way."

Like she'll mention how she wants to see one of her little friends and we'll run into her at the grocery store with her family, or, that she wants to go to a certain place and somehow she ends up there, completely unplanned.

Recently, she asked if she could have a kitten. After explaining that we already have two dogs and that Daddy wasn't particularly fond of cats, I thought that the discussion was behind us....

Well, our home was built over 80 years ago, so we have a conventional foundation. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that we have a crawl space under our home. And in that crawl space, we recently discovered that one of the neighborhood cats had had KITTENS!!!

My husband saw the mother cat transporting the kittens to another spot late last week. I'm assuming it was to another home's crawl space, hopefully, the owner's! But it seems that she left one of her babies behind. Since we saw the mother cat digging through the neighbor's trash the day after, we assumed that she was still nursing the sole kitten.

However, earlier today, Chris found the kitten trying to escape the crawl space by sticking her little paw out through a small opening in front of the house, so he drug her out. I wasn't at home to witness this or the events that followed. According to my husband, she looked absolutely pitiful. She was meowing/crying for food, dirty, and covered in fleas, so he decided to give her a flea bath...then another one.

Meanwhile, Chloe was falling in love...

By the time I got home from work this afternoon, this is what I found...

I have to admit that the kitten is pretty cute.

I had a discussion with Chloe about taking the kitten to the Shelter and she seemed to understand.

It was time for dinner, so we went inside leaving the kitten on the front porch. (I was afraid that she may have a flea or two left on her and didn't want to risk bringing her into the house.)

A few hours later, we went to check on her, but she was nowhere in sight. However, the milk and food we left out for her had been eaten. The mother cat must have heard her cries and taken her, but not before cleaning out the food dishes!

Chloe was heartbroken, but tonight in her prayers, she said a sweet prayer for the kitten. We blessed her and prayed that she would have a good life!

(Now hubby needs to get to work on blocking ALL the access points to the crawl space!)

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