Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What We've Been Up To!

We've been pretty low key over these last few weeks. A few trips to our neighborhood park, taking advantage of our free summer skate passes, dollar movies at the Capri Theatre, and Wednesday night Rainbows meetings have kept the littles somewhat occupied.

I have been relishing these past few "down" weeks and not documenting as well as I should, especially since in the next week or so life will be getting pretty hectic. Chloe will be starting a new preschool program, Chloe's fall dance classes will begin, Chris will be starting fall classes, and I will be getting all of last year's fall clothes ready for consigning. I'm getting ready for a lot of activity and trying to conserve some energy for the end of August;)

We started this past weekend with a celebratory lunch for my sweet mother-in-law's birthday on Saturday. (Sorry, no pictures.)

We were also invited to swim and celebrate Papa Joe's birthday on Sunday. Papa Joe is the father of one of my childhood friends, so I've known him most of my life.

I did manage to get a few photos of the littles enjoying pool time. We have so missed the pool this summer. It was hard to justify signing up and paying for a Y membership for the pool when it always seemed to be raining.

Chloe, as always, jumped right on in!

Evan, my overly cautious boy, hung out by the stairs most of the time. He eventually started  to venture out towards the end of the party. He even jumped off the diving board a few times. Of course, momma was there to catch him:)

Also, I finally got around to capturing our black-eyed Susans on (digital) film. Here are a few of my captures.

That should have us up to date. And since it has been raining so much here lately, I thought that it would be appropriate to end this blog post with a rainbow.

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  1. Love the rainbow pic! It has been such a weird and cool summer. I wanted to take the kids to their favorite big pool by us, but every weekend that we are free to go it is either too cold or rainy! Boo!