Monday, August 19, 2013

Teacher Meet and Greet & Back to School Lunch

I mentioned in a previous post that Chloe had a "get acquainted" hour with her teacher and classmates before her first day of preschool.
Chris and I had already met Chloe's teacher at the orientation meeting, which was on Monday night and only for parents. It was weird, but as I was sitting there waiting to meet Chloe's teacher at orientation, I had a bit of the first-day jitters. Maybe, I was displacing my anxiousness over Chloe returning to school after a year at home with her Daddy and Bubba. Chloe was so excited when we got home and wanted me to review every single piece of paper with her that I received at the orientation meeting.

She couldn't wait to meet her new teacher and classmates on Wednesday and was all smiles.

Evan was there for moral support too;) When we dropped off Chloe, there was a moment where I knew that it upset him, but as quickly as it came, it went.

We were told at orientation that we were to bring Chloe to the door, but not to walk into the classroom. Mrs. Helms was there to greet Chloe at the door and even posed for a picture.
Afterwards, she told us all about their meeting and her new class. It sounds like she is going to have an awesome year! 

We also ran into some familiar faces from church, Caden and Logan.

We went home and had a celebratory Back to School Lunch!

I found this sign via Pinterest. I read it to Chloe and Evan as words of encouragement for the new school year.

Chloe quoted me a line from this sign earlier today. They do listen when I speak! Ha!

I served hot dogs and chips with dip, some of their favorites. (I think that I may add some cute scrapbook paper to the settings as placemats next year.)

We chowed down.

After lunch, the littles and Daddy opened their gifts.

Daddy's gift (It's similar to last year's gift.)

I got Chloe just a few school supplies for the house since her school provides the supplies that she needs there. 

Evan received lots of new supplies for art projects at home and a Preschool workbook!

And, this little lady's reaction to her new backpack and lunch bag was priceless!

(At Monday night's orientation meeting, we learned that this would be the first year that they would be issuing book bags to the children. I was a little disappointed, but we can still use the backpack for Kindergarten and she is already using the lunch bag. Also, Chris says that some of the children have been bringing their own backpacks anyways. Hmmm. Do we dare?)

And since I never seem to make it into my posts these days, I thought I'd share a couple of me and my littles from that morning!


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