Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day of Preschool 4

I've had a long week and am ready to hit the hay, but I couldn't go to bed tonight without sharing this gem from our week.

Chloe had a "get acquainted" hour with her teacher and classmates (to be shared in an upcoming post) on August 14th, but her first official day of preschool was August 15th. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right! Chloe wants to be an ambulance driver when she grows up. I had to add the "n" to "a" after I had already written out the board. After all, "doctor" doesn't start with a vowel. Ha! My first thought when she told me this was that she wanted to drive fast and crazy like her Daddy. However, after talking to her, I realized that she wanted to "save lives, like a hero," so technically, she wants to be a medic when she grows up. I think that she chose a very noble profession.
Whatever life's turns and changes, and as long as she stays true to her spirit, I know she will make me a proud momma in her chosen profession one day!
Dear Chloe,
I hope that you learn lots this year. I pray that you will be open to new experiences and growth with an open heart and mind. I also pray that your teacher, Mrs. Helms, will be the teacher that you need to do this. You are a smart and loving girl with a vivacious personality and zest for life and learning! Have fun and I hope that Pre-K 4 rocks!!! :)


  1. I have never done the signs, I feel it is too late to start them now... but,this is one of my favorite back to school signs! Love!! Where did you get that outfit, I love it?

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I got the outfit from Lolly Wolly Doodle. They have a webpage, but they are most known for their Facebook sales.