Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt and an Improptu Family Photo Session

On Saturday, we attended our church's Easter Egg Hunt!
Get ready for cuteness overload!!!
My friend, Tenesha, and her son, Greyson, joined us! I was excited because it had been a while since we had seen them.
Chloe and Greyson:) (My camera and I have been having flash issues lately, so some of these photos didn't turn out that great.)
The littles waiting for their turn on the inflatables.
Chloe and Evan had a ball on the inflatables!
I love these next few because you can see genuine smiles from Evan and his adorable dimples!
I found them waiting hand in hand.
Then it was time for the egg hunt! The egg hunt field was broken into age group sections. Evan and Greyson were in the 0 to 3 year old section and Chloe was in the 4 to 6 year old section.

Tenesha and Greyson

Guess who found the Golden Egg!?!!

It was a lot of fun and I was so glad to catch up with a couple of friends:) Hopefully, it won't be so long before our next rendezvous;)

After the hunt, I took a picture of the littles in front of the azalea bushes that were blooming in our neighbors' yard.  Don't azaleas just scream spring!?!

We had a wedding reception to go to for a family member and her new hubby that were visiting from out of town, so we missed an egg hunt that afternoon. However, we decided to stop by and say "hi" after the reception, since we were in the same neighborhood. The hunt had died down, but we stayed and chatted for a while.

Our friend Ashleigh of Ashleigh Schlemmer Photography took some beautiful photos of us while we were there!

Tyleigh (Ashleigh's daughter), Chloe, and Evan

And last, but not least, a family photo:)

It was such a beautiful spring day and we could not have enjoyed it any more, celebrating life the way it was meant to be with family and friends in God's splendor! 


  1. Adorable outfits! You got so many good photos of them... I love egg hunts! I took a million photos at my kids hunt at school and at home. :)

    1. Thanks! As you can see, I have a slight obsession with chevron:)