Monday, April 1, 2013

A Week Full of Blessings

I have desperately wanted to write a detailed post over these past couple of weeks, but most of my energy has been poured into work, and what little I left has gone to my family. (Although I do consider blogging a form a relaxation, I do need some brain function to create a blog post.)

God's blessings in my life are abundant and I've been wanting to share a few of them.

My in-laws were sweet enough to keep the littles a couple weekends ago, so that Chris and I could enjoy a weekend together. We enjoyed a night out and an Elton John concert! On Sunday, we picked up the littles and I had an outing planned at Bass Pro for the littles and I, while Chris studied and caught up on homework. Evan was pretty worn out from his weekend with Nana and Granddaddy, so he decided to stay home and it was just us girls.

I was totally off on timing and we had enough time to make a bunny craft, but missed the Easter Bunny:(

Chloe didn't mind though. She enjoyed looking around the store.

In work news, these last few weeks at work have kicked off what I like to call the "busy season," and when work gets out of control, so does the stress at the office. However, this past week has reminded me of what kind, generous, and caring people that I work with, from the chocolate bunny that greeted me on Monday morning to the lunches, breakfasts, and even treats for the littles that my co-workers blessed me with during this busy time.

My sweet co-worker, Carlene, picked up these cute carrot bubbles for Chloe and Evan!:)

The littles really enjoyed playing with them that afternoon!

On Good Friday, I got off a little early and spent the afternoon with the fam!

We played for a little while. Evan took his sissy for a ride!

Evan's expression in this photo was priceless. He's bad to the bone! Ha!

Also, Chris took the training wheels off of Chloe's bike and gave her a little bike-riding lesson. (She looks scared.)

Afterwards, we dyed Easter eggs!!

At this moment, my camera decided to go crazy, so a lot of the images were throw-aways:(

But, I still managed to get a few...

Our eggs

And then we made "bunnies in a jar," an idea that I got from my favorite Mommy blogger!

I'm not worthy of His love or His blessings, but I receive them! This past week was such a good reminder of His unconditional love for us, and the ultimate sacrifice that He made for us!

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  1. God is truly good and so awesome toward us in His love! The impression I'm getting from reading all your wonderful blogging is that you're somewhat of a "bunny" yourself - an ENERGIZER BUNNY! You just keep going and going and going with making wonderful memories for your family.