Monday, April 22, 2013

Auburn's A-Day!

This past Saturday was A-Day at Auburn University, when the fans are invited to a Founder's Day celebration to watch a scrimmage game to preview the fall football team. This day was extra special since immediately following the game was a celebration to roll the Toomer's Corner Oaks for the last time:( Harvey Updyke you may have killed our oaks, but you will never kill our spirit!!! And to prove it, fans showed up in record breaking numbers for A-Day, 83,401 people to be exact!

We started our day at the Tiger Fanfest! I knew the kids would enjoy it since they had inflatables, always a crowd-pleaser:) I also thought that this might be a good place to meet Aubie. If you remember from my last {Auburn post}, Chloe was pretty disappointed that she didn't get to meet Aubie.

We also threw around the old pigskin and baseball:)

And although we didn't meet the "real" Aubie, this gigantic advertisement made up for it;)

Then we took a few more photos because I can never get enough.

You can't really tell, but the littles are doing the touchdown signal on the practice field.

And yes, Chris was forced to fake a smile for one.

Then, we enjoyed the scrimmage. I'm not an expert at anything sports-related, so I'll leave that assessment to people that know what they're talking about. I'll just say that the team looked good and we enjoyed watching them.

After the scrimmage, we headed down to Toomer's Corner for the final roll.
The crowd was massive, but somehow Chloe and I made it to the Oaks. It was pure chaos and toilet paper was flying everywhere, but it was so fun! I hate that the camera band got into this photo, but I love Chloe's expression. 
We lost Chris and Evan in the crowd, which really worried me since my phone was on the fritz and Chris had left his phone at home. Luckily, we located them pretty quickly. Check out this aerial view of the crowd. Wow!
After enjoying Downtown Auburn for a bit, we made the looong trek back to our car. We passed by the stadium and took a few photos with the Bo Jackson statue.
Silly Daddy and Evan
And guess what!?! In a random spot by the stadium, we found Aubie. I'm really beginning to think that Chloe has a genie in her back pocket. I thought for just a moment that Evan had overcome his fear of costumed characters as he ran towards Aubie...but he stopped just short of Aubie's outstretched arms, proclaiming, " I don't like Aubie!" and ran in the other direction. Chloe, of course, was overjoyed.
These were such good memories. One day, Chloe and Evan can tell their college roommates at Auburn about how they attended the final rolling of the original Toomer's Oaks;)  


  1. Love your daughter's dress. My daughter has an obsession with toilet paper right now (she plays with it and TP's the inside of our house with it), she would have LOVED that.

  2. Fantastic day of fun! Rolling Toomer's tree is sure to be an unforgettable memory for Chloe and Evan. :)

  3. Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun!