Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Baskets

On Easter Sunday, we woke up bright and early (at least by our standards). We usually go the contemporary service at our church which is at 11 a.m., but since we had an out-of-town family get-together around that same time, we decided to go to the traditional 9 a.m. service.
We had a lot to squeeze in before nine, including Easter baskets. I was most excited about giving the littles the "Jesus Storybook Bible." Originally, I had planned to get a Bible for Chloe this Easter and was looking for a kid-friendly Bible. I purchased this one based on reviews and a sales associate's suggestion. However, after talking with a few Mommy friends, I've decided to get Chloe a "big girl" Bible  for her 5th birthday, and gave this to the littles as a joint gift this Easter.
Chloe's Easter Basket- Disney just re-released Peter Pan from the Disney Vault, so this was the main gift that I included in Chloe's basket. In addition, I included some cute chunky jewelry that seems to be popular with little girls. (You may recognize one of the necklaces from the egg hunt that we attended the day before. I couldn't help myself and I gave it to her a day early because it complimented her outfit so well:)) Many of the other items were dollar items from Target and the Dollar Tree.
Evan's Easter Basket- Evan's main gift was the Cars 2 blu-ray. He has a slight obsession with cars! Another item that I was glad that I included was Spiderman bubble bath. The littles have literally been begging to be bathed! Wow! Who knew all it took was some bubbles? :) 
It was so sweet to watch the littles go through their baskets. FYI, Chloe's hair is a little crazy because we set it with sponge curlers during the night.

These were wind-up toys that Chloe and Evan spotted at the Dollar Tree a few weeks before Easter. I went back the following day to pick up a couple before they sold out.

I thought that these bunny sunglasses were a good alternative to the bunny ears that I've re-gifted over the last few years;)

It was still a little too early for a little someone.

It was such a fun morning celebrating God's ultimate sacrifice and gift to us. Hallelujah! He is risen!  

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  1. I love their baskets! The bunny glasses are too cute. I love Chloe's chunky jewelry!