Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Bit of This and That

Sickness has been going through our household over the past couple of weeks, and I'll admit it, I've been super lazy. I just haven't had the energy lately. My bout with bronchitis really has taken a lot out of me and I'm still not back to 100%. I would say that I'm at about 90%:), but getting there.

However, I did want to share just a couple of sweet occurrences in our lives recently.

Chloe was so excited to get a Hello Kitty wallet for Christmas and we allowed her to carry $5 of her Christmas money in it. She went on a milk run with her Daddy last week and made her first official purchase. I  wasn't there to witness it, but Chris told me that she was so cute when she counted out two dollars and handed them to the cashier.

Here she is with her first real purchase and receipt.

Also, Chloe and I went on a Starbucks date! We each received a Starbucks gift card from one of my coworkers that we used to make our purchases. This was taken with my phone camera so it isn't the best. You can see Chloe's beloved wallet on the table:)
Other than that, there hasn't been much to report on the home front. To be honest, there won't be much going on outside of our normal everyday activities this month. I have two road trips with work, which usually take a lot of preparation, and consignment sale season is right around the corner...

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