Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tee Ball, A Closing Ceremony, & Biscuits Baseball

Much of what consumed our time in April and May involved Chloe's participation in tee ball. She played with a Dixie Youth League in the Sweeties division, girls' tee ball.

Now that the season is over, I thought that I'd share some highlights from the season.

We were so excited to watch Chloe's first game!

Warming up...

Let's play some ball.

Chloe's first time home (in a real game)...

"Good game."

Afterwards, we took a few more photos.

I know that I've shared a similar photo before, but I love this one of Chris and Chloe!

Static cling...story of my life...but look at the little male model;)

Lola and Uncle Jose came out to cheer on Chloe...

Nana and Granddaddy came out, too.

During the season, we had a few other supporters come out.

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Dana

Aunt Sara and soon-to-be Uncle Rob:)

Y'all are so sweet. Thanks for the love and support. You've been with us through it all.

Since it was tee ball, an official score was not kept during the regular season. However, the Saturday following the last game of the season, the Sweeties teams played in a tournament to determine a champion. Chloe's team lost in the first round:( (Overall, the team had the second best record of the four Sweeties teams.)

The Manager/Head Coach gave his girls a little pep talk after the final game.

The Closing Ceremony was held a little later that day after the championship game.

I took a few pictures of Evan while we waited for it to begin.

Chloe and Chris received participation trophies. Evan was really disappointed (maybe jealous) that he didn't receive a trophy...I guess he thought that he deserved one too since he attended almost every game and practice. Where's Momma's trophy?! Ha! Maybe next year, Evan!

In the evening, the team attended a Biscuits baseball game!

The littles got a couple of autographs from the players.

Then, they stalked the dugout to get a few more autographs before the game.

There was a rain delay before the game, so Chloe took the opportunity to dance in the rain. My silly girl:)

Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty threw out the first pitch of the game.

Then, we sat back and enjoyed the game (and food) with our friends.

Before leaving, the littles had fun with one of the cut outs!

Chloe really enjoyed playing, so we know that she will be signing up again next Spring. However, I think that Chris met his match in the form of 4 to 7 year old girls, so he may choose to support Chloe from the stands next year...

Whew! I never quite understood the busyness that parents
with kids that played sports would talk about. I'm beginning to understand...Despite that, the experience was great. Chloe loved the competitiveness of the game and the camaraderie of playing on a team. I'm sure we have years of working out schedules and driving to games and practices ahead of us. I'm looking forward to it!:)


  1. You have such a supportive family or them all to come out to see Chloe play! And lol to the static cling comment, I so hear ya!

    1. To be honest, I started to feel a little guilty asking them to come to yet another event, but they are always so sweet and supportive! As far as the static cling, I should travel with a static guard bottle like those old ladies that carry salt and pepper in their purses. Ha!