Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Honors Ceremony: Chloe Gets Pinned

If you've read my blog in the past, you've probably read a post or two about Chloe and Evan's Wednesday night church club, Rainbows. It's official name is Rainbows: The Noah's Zoo Club.

Rainbows is part of a bigger program, known as Mpact. Mpact holds an Honors Ceremony annually to recognize the children that successfully memorize Bible verses and earn badges. In addition, the children who have earned enough badges and will be moving up to the next club are "honored" during the ceremony. Since Chloe moved up to the Daisies club in June as a rising Kindergartner, she was honored.

The littles anxiously waited to be recognized on stage.

Chloe and Evan both earned eleven badges this year.

The Rainbows with their leaders, Ms. Dodi and Mr. Jason - They were such a sweet little group.

Chloe was walked down the aisle as an Honor Rainbow by Chris. (I'll be walking Evan down the aisle next year when he is an Honor Rainbow.) My camera was on the wrong setting and the picture turned out blurry:(

The girls being honored usually wear white or a light colored dress. I fell in love with this vintage-style ivory dress.

As part of the ceremony, Chloe was pinned by her Rainbows leader, Ms. Dodi.

After the pinnings, the paparazzi parents took a group photo of the Honor Rainbows. Rainbows is the only co-ed club in the program. The girls continue in the Mpact Girls Clubs, but the boys move up to the Royal Rangers program. 

Sweet Ms. Dodi and Chloe

Also, Ms. Dodi was kind enough to offer to take a few pictures of me and my Rainbows.

And of course, we couldn't forget to take a few pictures of Daddy and Chloe. Chris looked so handsome in his suit and Chloe looked beautiful in her dress!

Since Chloe was an October baby, she spent one year more than most in the club. She entered the club in the month that she turned 3 years old, so she was a Rainbow for almost three years! It's bittersweet to watch her move up. Where did my baby go?:( Thank you so much to Ms. Jerusha and Mr. Ben, her first Rainbows leaders. Also, another big thank you to Ms. Dodi and Mr. Jason. The time and energy that you invest in teaching our children about God's love is truly appreciated!!!


  1. That dress you are wearing is so pretty! I know, I feel my kids are growing up so, so fast. Agh.

    1. Thank you! The dress is gorgeous in person and would you believe that I bought it for $38 from a FB page that sells boutique items?!