Thursday, June 26, 2014

Race on Over to Evan's 4th Birthday Party!

Finally! I'm posting about something that doesn't have to do with Chloe and one of her activities;)

On May 17th, we celebrated Evan's 4th Birthday with a Disney Cars theme party! We decided on the Cars theme a few months earlier when Evan's one request was to have a Lightning McQueen cake at his birthday party.

I talked to Evan about possible places to have his party. Not very much to my surprise, Evan wanted to keep it simple and we threw his birthday bash in the gazebo of our neighborhood park.

I used Pinterest to find some cute and simple ideas for the party spread! (Chloe's dance recital was earlier in the day, so I knew that I wouldn't have much time for food prep.)

I made menu cards to place on our food table, but forgot to set them out. We had Mater's Taters/potato chips/tortilla chips (technically not "taters"), dip sticks/veggies, fruit "race cars", and Luigi's Casa Della Tires/Oreos. Chris also grilled some yummy sliders, hotdogs, and sausages.

Evan got his Lightning McQueen cake. We had a few mishaps before the party and Lightning McQueen landed on a random spot of the cake...

 The "Refueling Station"

Party Favors

We used the cars for races on the track that Chris custom built for the party.

The kids had blast racing their cars!


(If you happened to notice that Chloe is wearing makeup, please know that she wore it for her recital. It's not her normal look. Ha!)

We also rented a bounce house. I wasn't sure of how it would fare in a public park, so the VIP Passes served dual purposes, as party favors, and, as a way of keeping unwanted guests out of the bounce house. "Pit Pass Required."  To be honest, I would have allowed any random kid in the park to jump in the bounce house, but just in case it got out of hand... Luckily, there wasn't any traffic in the park during the party, except our party guests, of course:)

All the while, Chris was hard at work manning the grill!

A bonus of having Evan's party in the park was that the newest addition to our little family was able to attend. Meet Luke:)

Our sweet almost 4 year old blowing out his birthday candles!

He was so excited about opening his presents this year!

Here he is opening his gift from Chloe. Can you tell that she wrapped it herself?

Lastly, we broke open the piñata!

Perhaps, the most memorable moments of our piñata fun involved Chloe. Seriously, would you look at that face?! She was bound and determined to break open the piñata!

Happy 4th Birthday, Evan!

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with Evan on his special day...and an extra big THANK YOU to my brother for being our party photographer:) Evan's big day wouldn't have been the same without all of you!


  1. Looks like a fun party! I love the race track, reminds me of the pinewood derby in scouts :) The cupcakes cake looks delicious! Also, yay to getting a new family member! I wish we could get a dog, but my kids both have asthma & allergies, so we can't get one... boo! :( May 17 was my son's bday! :)

    1. Evan's birthday is May 19th, so just two day apart. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Oh my goodness is this ever a cute party! I had Dave read it and see all the pics too. We are in awe of how creative you and Chris are. Evan has grown so much since we first met as "cube" neighbors. He's adorably handsome.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Carlene. They're getting big! You won't even recognize them when we come to visit;)