Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chloe's Baton and Gymnastics Recital

To say May was a busy month would be a understatement. In the midst of tee ball season, we had a culmination of school year-end events and recitals. We weren't able to sleep-in on Saturday even once in the month May. That must be a crime!;)

This year, Chloe attended a new studio that taught baton, gymnastics, tap, and ballet. 

The first Saturday in May, she had a recital where she showcased her baton and gymnastics skills.

I took a quick picture of Chloe before the recital. (This is totally random, but I never realized how tacky dance could be. Seriously, this leotard looked like it was straight from the 80's and the scrunchie that she wore in her hair was the icing on the cake. Ha!...I'm possibly the meanest mom ever, or, the most honest....Either way, Chloe rocked her 80's leotard!)

First up was Chloe's baton routine. (Some of these photos were taken during dress rehearsal and some were taken at the recital, so you may notice slight differences.)


Afterwards, Chloe had time for a few photos with her adoring fan club;)

Chloe did a great job! I hope to have the videos that Chris and I took with our phones uploaded soon.


  1. Wow, cartwheels! How impressive! Chloe looks like your little mini me!

    1. She does. I guess it doesn't help that she was wearing my makeup. Ha!