Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Capital City Christmas Parade & A Ride on the Snoopy Float

The family recently participated in Montgomery's Capital City Christmas Parade. Our neighborhood association makes a float each year for the parade and invites the neighbors to ride or walk alongside it.

Although we have watched the parade every year since Chloe was two years old and Evan was seven months old, this was the first year that we were actually in the parade.

It was a fun experience. We arrived at the parade gathering area a little early, so we walked around to look at the other floats.

Chloe and Big Mo, the Montgomery Biscuits mascot

Chloe and a Huntingdon Hawk- I don't think that this was the official mascot of Huntingdon College.

Evan has warmed up to Santa, but he still hasn't warmed up to costumed characters. He did take a few pictures with Sissy before the start of the parade, though.

Our neighborhood float

Here were a few photos taken on the "sleigh ride." The adults walked beside the float while the kids threw beads and candy from the float.

I love these photos of the float passing in front of the Capital.

After the parade, Chris asked me if I thought that it was more fun to watch the parade or to be in the parade. I really didn't have an answer because I enjoy aspects of each, so we may alternate between attending and participating each year. 

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