Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All Aboard the North Pole Express...Again!

We boarded the North Pole Express again this year.
This year, the weather didn't cooperate. The sky was a little cloudy in Montgomery, Alabama when we started our 60-mile trek to board the North Pole Express in Calera, Alabama. However, as we neared our destination, the weather progressively got worse. It wasn't what we had anticipated. I imagined taking photos of the littles at the train station and excitedly waiting for the train, much like last year's train ride. Instead, we were running to the train station through cold rain and crammed under canopy trying to avoid getting drenched while we waited for the our train to arrive.

We did manage to get a family photo before the train's arrival.

However, once we boarded the train, all was well with the world again;)

A few photos taken before our journey began- We were wet, but happy to be on the heated train.

A little rain never stops Chloe or Evan. They were so excited.
Ooh, the North Pole! I think I see Santa!
We anxiously waited for our turn to see and talk to Santa and Mrs. Claus.
After our meet and greet with Santa and Mrs. Claus, the chef elves brought us a sweet snack, milk and cookies! Chloe was so cute. She couldn't figure out why the elves at the North Pole were so big, but she did decide that they were "good cooks" because they made big cookies.
Chit-chatting with one of Santa's elves

These were Chloe's and Evan's reactions when this elf asked if she could have a bite of their cookies. I don't think that they wanted to share...
She was still sweet enough to bring them a keepsake ornament though.
What started off as a damper, turned out to be an enjoyable trip. I haven't decided if a ride on the North Pole Express will become an annual tradition, but it is certainly something we will do again. I simply want to enjoy this time with my littles while I can, and see the "magic" of the season through their eyes. 
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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