Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update!

We got the weekend off to a great start. The littles attended sweet Charlotte's birthday party at the ice rink.
Lola, my mother, usually takes the littles to our local mall when she babysits and their excursion ends by watching the ice skaters at the rink. However, they've never been on the ice. Evan was a little too young to skate, but it was a real treat for Chloe.   
Her first experience on the ice and she's standing all by herself! The party was earlier in the day while I was at work, so Chris took these pics with his phone camera...please forgive the quality.

Don't let the last picture fool you. Chloe spent most of her time on the ice holding on to Daddy's hands:)

A silly shot of the littles:) I love Evan's expression and how the heart bracelet encircles Chloe's eye!

Chris went on a canoeing trip this past weekend (yes, in the miserable cold!), so the littles and I found a few activities to keep us occupied. We caught up with our old friends Diana and Sophia over dinner and a movie, slept in late, made another donut run, and even squeezed in a little painting at a local ceramics shop. I will have some photos of our finished ceramics in another blog post. I let the ball drop on this one and didn't get any photos of my littles painting their ceramics:(
However, here were a couple of pictures from our latest donut run!

It's nice to have a weekend every once in a while to catch up on housework, sleep, with old friends, and especially with my littles:)

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