Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

We had a Thanksgiving for the books! Chloe and Evan met some of their relatives for the first time ever and we had some great food while we were at it...I've already revealed too much because that post is being saved for later when I'm not so tired exhausted and have time to go through my photos:)

Since Thanksgiving is officially over, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos that the littles took with Santa at the My Kids Attic Holiday Open House earlier this month.

As you can see, Evan still hasn't gotten over his fear of costumed characters or people. (And he was so excited about meeting Santa this year! Ugh!) However, smiley-faced...or not, I must have a photo of the littles and Santa every year. One day, when the kids are older, we'll look at these photos and laugh, right?! 

Of course, Chloe couldn't wait to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas:)... Shhh, I think that she may want a new baby doll stroller;) Her last one had seen better days before we had to put it by the side of the road.
Big hug from Santa!

Evan muttered "phone" from the safety of Daddy's arms when asked what he wanted for Christmas by Santa. That boy loves his phones and keys!  

Later, Chloe remembered that she had drawn a picture and written a letter to Santa that she had left in the car, so we made another visit to see Santa. The letter consisted of random letters of the alphabet, but Santa was so sweet as Chloe proudly showed it to him. He stuck it in his boot for safekeeping on his ride back to the North Pole!

I just wanted to spread a little Holiday cheer in hopes that this post might inspire me and give me a little "holiday" boost for our North Pole Breakfast this weekend...

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