Monday, August 20, 2012

Nana's Birthday Dinner and "School" Goodies

A couple of weekends ago, we finally got a chance to celebrate Nana's birthday with her. Chris, the Littles, and I took her out to dinner at Ixtapa, a local Mexican restaurant. (I think that her decision may have been persuaded by Chloe;) It's funny how grand kids know how to pull at those heart strings!)

Chloe and Evan just love spending time with their Nana, or as Evan likes to call her, Nanny! Look, Evan even allowed me to take a decent picture of finger!

 Here is a better smile from Chloe!

We always enjoy spending time with Nana. She is such a special woman in our lives and we love her!

And the following week, Chris started classes!

As a surprise, I got a few "school" goodies for Chris and the Littles!

Since Chris is now a Stay-at-Home Daddy/Full-Time Student, the Littles are no longer going to preschool and will be attending Daddy U.

To help them along, I picked up a few things...

Chloe just loves learning and has been practicing writing her ABC's diligently. She does so well, with the exception of  "M, N," and "O," which she always skips when writing out the letters of the alphabet. I still haven't figured out that one.

I had to get a closeup of this gal! This was the one item that Chloe just had to have from the store. She passed up a pretty tea hat, sandbox toys, and  flavored chapstick, in favor of this ostrich?? pen!!!

Also, Evan is starting to identify colors and learning to how to count. We're already up to "3," the number that we count to before we start running. He's such a boy! Ha ha!

And of course, I couldn't leave out my newest school "boy." Look the notebook is "college-ruled!"

I'm so proud of my babies!