Monday, August 13, 2012

Honors Ceremony

Chloe's Rainbows class at church had its annual Honors Ceremony. At the ceremony, the children were recognized for badges they earned during the year for memorizing and reciting bible verses. In addition, since the Missionette Program is divided into age groups, certain children were recognized for completing their curriculum and moving to the next age group. (My little Chloe still has a couple of years left as a Rainbow.) It gets particularly emotional when they recognize the older girls who are actually completing the program.

She always gets a little restless at these awards ceremonies, but she agreed to pose for a picture with Momma for just a second.

I think that she may get nervous on stage because she never seems to be able to stand still, which is a BIG surprise considering how extroverted she is normally.

And here is a group shot of the sweet little Rainbows...

Afterwards, we had cake and punch, which was Chloe's favorite part of the evening and she was back to her normal self, posing away for photos! 

We enjoyed fellowship with old and new friends!

Chloe and Baby Hope

I'm so glad that we got Chloe involved in Rainbows. She loves going to her weekly meetings and learning about God and His love!

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