Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Days at the Pool

"Summer lovin, had me blast!" (The tune of that famous Grease song plays in my head as I write this post.)

The Littles have certainly had a fun and busy summer, especially, our little social butterfly, Chloe! If she doesn't have an intinerary by breakfast that morning, she isn't happy. The first question that I usually hear in the morning is, " What are we gonna' do today?"

Daddy usually keeps the kids occupied at one of our local YMCA pools on his days at home with the kids! (Yes! You heard me right! Beacuse of our work schedules, Chris is at home with our littles 2 to 3 days a week while I work.)

Like their Momma and Daddy, they really enjoy the water.

Chloe has been strengthening her swimming skills with the assistance of floaties and/or under the supervision of Chris.

She starts swim lessons at the end of this month. I really hope she learns to swim (and breathe) on the surface of the water!

We also recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with my good friend, Diana, and her daughter, Sophia. Although I love spending time with the family, it's nice for me to play catch-up with my adult friends every once in a while.

Chloe loves spending time with Sophia as well.

We swam and had a nice dinner by the pool.

The adults got a little silly! (The automatic setting on my camera decided to go crazy and these last few shots are a little blurry.)

And Diana took a few family and couple shots that we rarely get when we are out.

Thanks Diana and Sophia for a fun and relaxing evening out. And thanks for introducing me to hearts of palm in salad! Yummy!

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