Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Splashpad Sunday

There are so many places for families to enjoy in our city, yet, we never seem to take advantage of them. I was reminded of one of these places after dinner at one of our favorite downtown restaurants (to be featured in an upcoming blog). We decided to take an after-dinner stroll at the Riverwalk, which was only a block from the restaurant, and stumbled upon the Splashpad. It had just been turned off for the day, but I thought to myself that the kids would really enjoy playing on it.

On Sunday, after an uneventful Saturday of household chores, I decided it was time for the Littles and I to get out of the house and we headed to the splashpad!

There isn't parking down at the Riverwalk, so we parked at the riverfront entrance and started our trek to the splashpad. Chloe led the way with me following closely behind and Evan in the rear walking as fast as little legs would let him. Every once in a while I would check to make sure that he wasn't getting too far behind. If he was, Chloe and I would stop to let him catch up. During one of my routine checks, I discovered this...

That's my Evan, taking a moment to let it all in and enjoying the beautiful view! 

Sometimes we're so worried about getting from Point A to Point B that we forget about enjoying the in-between. I'm so thankful to my sweet boy for reminding me of this.

Of course, Momma never misses a photo-op!

Please ignore Chloe's "stink-face" expression! I had to post this one because it was the only shot where you could see Chloe's curls, which I just loved!

It was so funny to watch the Littles' reactions to the splashpad. In true character, Evan approached the splashpad cautiously.

First, he ran alongside the water.

Then, he tested the water.

Finally, he ran in!

Meanwhile, in true character, Chloe took a brief moment...

and ran straight in!

I love watching her run. She is so graceful (unlike her Momma).

As you can see, it was a lot of fun!

Oh, and be still my Mommy heart. The Littles actually stopped to pose for a pictures! (Chloe's swimsuit is a tad big, but should fit great by next summer!) 

We even watched a few trains trains pass by. And in case you were wondering, the sky was really this gorgeous in person! No retouching required on this photo!

I also discovered the mural of our Capitol Building that I've seen on so many photographers' blogs. The afternoon sun and shadows were pretty harsh and the photo didn't turn out quite the way that I would have liked, so this photo may have to be a re-do.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I get the feeling that we'll be doing this again in the near future, but maybe with a few extra friends;) 


  1. I loved reading all about your outing. I'm learning new things about our city through your adventures with the Littles. I need to get down there and see that mural!

  2. It is amazing city for families. I always think about how I wanted to move away when I was in high school beacuse it was so boring...blah, blah, blah. However, as an adult, I find that there is so much to do and enjoy in our fair city:) Also, thank you for being my loyal follower!