Saturday, May 27, 2017

An AUsome Party! {Evan's 7th Birthday}

We celebrated Evan 7th birthday last Saturday at California Yogurt Kraze with an Auburn themed party!


I snapped this picture of three of my favorite sillies on the way to the party! (Our friend Carly is an Alabama fan at heart, but she wanted to be an Auburn fan for the day!:))

I took a few detail pictures before the party and chaos ensued. We didn't have a separate party room, so the decor was limited to our party tables, which was a blessing in disguise.

And, I remembered family pictures, too! I was on a roll, y'all.;)

 Grandmothers arrived!


Then, our friends arrived and we "sugared" them up! I know that their parents really appreciated need for thanks. Ha!

We had cake...

...with a fun little surprise inside!

Then, Evan opened his presents. There is something about the following pictures that I love: the chaos, the colors, the fun, the kids. The pictures just scream "kid's birthday party"!

And, there you have it! It was a short and sweet Auburn party.  I didn't plan any party games; we ate froyo and socialized. I've come to a realization about myself over the years. I love party planning, but am not a great hostess, so this party was perfect to me. Evan really enjoyed it. Thank you to all the friends and family that made Evan's party a success. We love y'all! Oh, and WARRRR EAGLE!!!

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