Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hoppy Easter {2017}

As is her usual tradition around this time of year, Lola took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at our local mall.

They also had live bunnies! The kids loved holding the live bunnies. (As a side note, I have seriously been considering getting a bunny as our next family pet.)

Those were our bunny pictures. And now for a confession...I had a "mommy moment" while we stood in line waiting for our turn with the Easter Bunny. As I looked around at some of the younger kids, I began to wonder how much longer that Chloe and Evan would be excited about (/tolerate) seeing Santa or the Easter Bunny. It dawned on me that my littles weren't little anymore. These may be some of our last pictures with the Easter Bunny. It was such a bittersweet realization and a reminder to enjoy and cherish every season of life. Hoppy Easter Y'all!

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