Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Cowgirl Party {Chloe's 8th Birthday}

We recently celebrated Chloe's 8th birthday at The Ice Palace!

If you know me or have read my blog, then you know that I love a good party theme. Inspired by Eleanor Rose's County Fair line of clothing and my rough and tumble girl, I decided on a cowgirl theme for Chloe's party. Chloe was right on board with the theme, which to be frank, isn't always the case with my very opinionated daughter. When did she decide that it was okay to have ideas and opinions of her own, especially when they contradict with mine?? I guess that it comes with the territory and having an 8-year-old daughter.:)

I kept it very simple and went for more of a shabby chic version of a cowgirl party.

Here are a few of my detail shots.

I died over this cookie cuteness. We gave them out at party favors.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

There really wasn't much to decorate, since the ice rink is in the middle of our local mall, but here was our party table.

We managed to take a few pictures with the birthday girl before the party started.

Then, our friends showed up!

We sang "Happy Birthday" and opened presents.

Chloe appreciated and enjoyed all of her gifts, but she was most excited about receiving this little guy! She had begged Chris and I for weeks to agree to let Uncle Tommy and Aunt Dana give her a hamster for her birthday. For the record, she has done an excellent job caring for it.

There is something about this picture that I just love. The kids watched the Zamboni after the party.

Thank you to all the friends and family that made Chloe's day so special! We love and appreciate all of you! Happy 8th Birthday, Chloe!!!

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(I started blogging in 2012, so that's it.:))

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