Monday, May 30, 2016

Chloe's School Year Wrap-Up

I officially have a second grader!

Chloe just finished her first grade school year. We attended an Honors Program where she was recognized for good conduct and all A's for the 2nd semester.

In addition to that, she received the Principal's Award for all A's for the year! That's two years in a row. I'm super proud of my girl.

Aunt Dana, Uncle Tommy, and Jack made it to the program. Here is a picture that I snagged of the kids.

Chris and I also took our turns posing with our smarty!

We took last day pictures. I didn't make a chalkboard sign. Although, now I'm wishing that I had because I love to see how much she has grown in comparison to the sign. Between Evan's gymnastics spring show and making a last-minute decision to let Chloe miss the last official day of school, time just got away from me:(

First Day-Last Day Comparison

The biggest physical changes are Chloe's hair and her new smile. Both are adorable. The short cut suits her personality. She chopped off her hair last fall and donated it to Wigs for Kids in honor of her Granddaddy, a leukemia survivor. It definitely makes her look more mature. In addition, she has been losing her baby teeth like crazy these days. The tooth fairy is making another visit tonight! She practically has a whole new set of front teeth than from beginning of the year.

However, she'll always be my bold, independent, quirky, and beautiful baby girl. Great job, Chloe, on another successful school year! I pray and hope that you'll always strive to do your best and make your mark on this world.

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