Monday, November 17, 2014

September Recap

Yep. You read that right! I'm recapping our September at the end of November. That's me, documenting our lives one backlogged post at a time:)

We kicked off the month of September by celebrating Labor Day and Chris's 34th birthday! I was forbidden to post any pictures of my scruffy husband and half-naked children singing "Happy Birthday", so I'll post this picture of my hubby's cake, a red velvet cake from Chappy's Deli...Delish! This is definitely in the top 5 of my favorite cakes.

The littles spent the night with Nana, and Chris and I spent our day at the first Auburn game of the season, his birthday gift from me.

(Technically, this was taken on August 30th, but hey, it was part of Labor Day weekend.)

On their way to Nana and Granddaddy's:

On Labor Day, we attended the final Biscuits' game of the season thanks to our neighbors that gave us a bunch of free tickets. 

It was SO hot on this day and we tried our best to keep cool.

The littles caught up with Big Mo and Miss Gravy (the pig) before leaving the ballpark...Evan still hasn't gotten past his irrational fear of costumed characters....

One Saturday, while Chloe was attending the birthday of one of her new classmates, Chris and Evan spent the day at an Ag Discovery Adventure event hosted by Auburn University's Agriculture Department. Chris took these photos of their adventure!

Chloe's school PTA hosted a Back to School Bash! It had inflatables, games, concessions, a fire truck, and a DJ. It was loads of fun!

We joined Barb for her Aubie painting session at Nancy's Italian Ice.

I was so excited about our first signs of fall (which were short-lived) that I made Chris snap a few pictures before church one morning.

So those were the highlights of our September. Stay tuned for a fall post, coming soon...

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