Sunday, November 23, 2014

Evan's Thanksgiving Feast!

This past Friday, Evan's preschool class had their Thanksgiving Feast! I used my lunch break to drop in for a bit.

Sitting Bull trying to enjoy his feast! He's thinking, " Take the picture, Momma, so I can get back to eating my lunch." ;)

The class played Thanksgiving Bingo using m&m's as markers.

Afterwards, they played "Pin the Hat on the Turkey".

I wasn't there when the class first walked into the classroom from chapel, so I missed the class picture, but Evan's teacher texted me a couple of pictures earlier in the month that were taken at their Pow Wow. (Mrs. Helms's text messages have a way of brightening my day:)) I can't handle the cuteness!


I had Chris snap this picture of Evan and me.

I'll admit that I don't feel as involved in Evan's preschool class as I was with Chloe's preschool class last year. I'm pulled between work and trying to stay somewhat involved at two schools. It was nice to be able to spend a little time with Evan at school on this day. The big smile he flashed when he realized that I was there was enough to melt any mom's heart. I really do live for moments like these with my precious littles!


  1. Aut's preschool 3 teacher used to text me photos of Autumn, I miss that!! I just love their pow wow photos and the shirts!

    1. Some of the class moms made the shirts. This one was actually one that was made for Chloe last year when she was in Preschool 4...Poor Evan. He even gets Chloe's hand-me-down Indian shirt! Ha!