Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Happenings

It seems like these monthly posts are my best shot at keeping the blog "caught up".

March was a busy month for us between Chloe's soccer season ending and t-ball season beginning. It got pretty hectic there for a while with soccer practices and games overlapping with t-ball practices. Now that the soccer season is officially over, we can focus our energy on t-ball. In case you missed it, you can read about Chloe's soccer season here.

Here were a few non-sports related happenings from our March.

Chloe and Evan had another dental visit. I am happy to report that Chloe has been cavity-free for a year and a half and Evan remains cavity-free! While at the dentist's office, Chloe and Evan met the tooth fairy. Daddy took this picture with his phone.

I missed my littles while I was on an overnight trip for work, but I received this little gem from Chloe's preschool teacher that brought a smile to my face. The Auburn University Raptor Center visited Chloe's school. Here was the class with the eagle, Spirit. As you can see, Chloe positioned herself right next to Spirit. She is always so brave, definitely not a trait that was passed on to her by me.

The two boys that wouldn't take their eyes off Spirit crack me up. I can only imagine what was going through their little minds.

Also, on Saint Paddy's Day, we started our morning off right by wearing green and eating Lucky Charms for breakfast! That's the way it's done in Ireland, right?;) I also set out some "golden nuggets" and some Irish gifts that the littles received from Rob, Aunt Sara's boyfriend, after his last trip home to Ireland...anything to make our table a little more festive.

You may recognize these headbands from last year...and the shirts.

After a full day and evening soccer and t-ball practices, we enjoyed root beer floats as our late-night snack.

We also enjoyed a few Saturday visits to the park after ball practice.

Probably the most exciting event for the littles in March was when we attended the "Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure". I took way too many pictures, so I'll be documenting it in its own blog post.

That sums up our March...busy, busy. I hope to be blogging more often now that we're in somewhat of a routine.


  1. Sipping coffee and reading your blog - great way to start my day. The pictures are so sweet. ♡

  2. We have those same St. Paddy's Day headbands, I really like them. :) I am sure the Disney Jr. show was amazing! I keep wanting to take mine to one, Autumn has seen Disney on Ice, but she was so little I doubt she remembers it.