Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Go Orange!!! {Soccer 2015}

This past spring we decided to keep life simple. We ran around the spring before from practices to games to recitals. It was a bit much.

Since Evan was age-eligible for both T-ball and soccer this year, we let the kids decide on which one sport that they wanted to play. They decided on mini indoor soccer, which was the better option for Chris and me, since they played on the same team.

Before every game, the kids were taught a new word that helped them learn about being good sportsmen. We also prayed before every game. This was a church league, and I loved being able to incorporate our faith into the sports that the kids play.

I don't think I took enough action shots during the season;)

We had a few fans come to watch the games. I managed to miss getting a picture of the littles and a few of their fans (Aunt Dana, Uncle Tommy, and Uncle Jose), but we're so thankful and appreciative that you came to watch. It really does make the littles happy to see you up in the stands:)

This year, the league also had a soccer banquet. We ate pizza and the kids were presented with goody boxes.

I signed up to bring snacks to the final game of the season. I contacted a local baker who whipped up these iced sugar cookies! Chloe and Evan made the sweet card for Coach Wes to thank him for his time and dedication in teaching them to play soccer.

We took a few last pictures to remember the season.

That was our 2015 mini soccer season! Goooo Orange!!!

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