Monday, October 13, 2014

Evan's First Field Trip

Evan's first class field trip this year was to a veterinarian's office. You may remember him tagging along on Chloe's field trip to the same vet's office last year.

First, the veterinarian, Dr. Mitchell, introduced himself and his assistant, Samantha. (Forgive me. I can't remember the dog's name. I would ask Evan, since he is so good at remembering names, but he's already in bed.) He gave the class instructions on how to act around the animals and in the sticking fingers in cages, etc.

The vet showed the class a preserved heart infected with heart worms.Yuck!

The class got to see a model(?) of a dog's mouth and the vet demonstrated how they use high-tech equipment during examinations.


After the tour, the kids got to have a little fun by watching the dogs in swim class and playing outside. This vet's office had a doggie daycare!

This "class" had two Great Danes. On all fours, they were bigger than the kids, but their sizes didn't seem faze the children.

And last, but not least, the class field trip photo!

It was so nice of this veterinary practice to invite the children into their facility and to give them a tour. It was fun little field trip for the class!

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  1. What a fun field trip, but I would not have wanted to see a heart infected with heart worms! Ew!! lol! Looks like they all had a fun time!