Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evan's First Day of Preschool 4!

Today was little man's turn for first day fun!

He had a "get acquainted hour" with his class and teacher the day before, which I'll share in a post later, but today was his first bona fide day of preschool.

Evan's First Day of Preschool!!!!!!!!!!!

In these last few weeks, Evan has decided that he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. I'm sure that the fact that his Daddy was a cop at one time had no influence over his decision;) Chris was also Marine in an infantry battalion when we first met and got married, so he could easily have decided on that profession as well. Both are extremely noble professions, but when this momma thinks of her baby boy all grown up, she prefers to think of him in the safe confines of an office space...or hospital. Dr. Thomas has a nice ring to it. Ha! Of course, I'll support and encourage him in any life decision that he makes as a happy and productive adult. I'm sure that he will change his mind several times over these upcoming years, but it's fun to keep track of what he strives to be as an adult as he grows and matures.

Evan was a little skittish yesterday when we dropped him off to meet his new teacher and class during their meet-and-greet, but today, he walked right in with confidence. (I wasn't there today, but Chris relayed this info to me.) It gave me a little piece of mind to know that Evan was feeling more comfortable. To be honest, I worry about him more in public situations than I do Chloe. As a parent of two kids, you realize that the way you parent is different for both based on their personalities. I know that he will do great this year. Mrs. Helms, Chloe's preschool teacher from last year, is his new teacher and she is a great with "her" children!

Evan, I hope that you have a great year and that Preschool rocks!


  1. Hope he is enjoying preschool! I know, I want my children is safe professions, too ;) It is just the Mama Bear in me! Mine start on Tuesday and it'll be the first time Autumn will be going full day! So nervous, but I know she will do great!

    1. I know how your heart feels sending Autumn to Kindergarten. She, and you;), will do great!