Monday, September 23, 2013

Chloe's First Class Field Trip

Chloe recently went on her first class field trip to the veterinarian's office! She was so excited. I usually wake her up in the morning after I've gotten myself ready for work, but she was wide awake by the time I got to her room on this morning.

I was working, but Chris went along as one of the chaperones. In fact, almost every child had a parent there to chaperone. Evan was given special permission to tag along with the class as well. Otherwise, Chris would not have been able to participate. Chris said that Evan fit right in with his green shirt, but seemed a little nervous around the older kids.

(Looking at this picture, I'm reminded that I really need to schedule an appointment to get Evan's hair cut.)

Chris didn't bring our camera, but he did take a few pictures with his phone.

Chloe's class outside of the vet's office

Chris claimed that the other parents were like paparazzi surrounding the children, but he did manage to get one photo of Chloe and Evan during the field trip through a window. (I can't judge, I would've been right there with them;))

Chloe loves learning about new things. I got an ear full when I got home from work...something about dogs with heartworms. I'm so glad that she is thriving and enjoying her preschool program!

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  1. Such a cute field trip! Autumn loves dogs and kitties, so of course she would have loved this one. All the kids except 3 had a parent along on her first field trip!