Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013!! {Part 2}

The next couple of days of our trip were just as great as the first couple.

The littles really enjoyed watching the beach traffic from the balcony of our condo . We had a small view of the ocean between the hotels.

The littles really took to the beach. Chris made the comment that he had never seen Evan so energetic.

And of course, our little socialite met a few playmates.

I had Chris take a few photos of the littles and I.

For anyone that was watching, I'm sure that this scene was pretty comical. The waves kept knocking us over and every once in a while the tide would take a little with it.

I loved this one, just wish I knew of a photo editing tool that could shave a little off of my sides;)

We also got in a little kite flying. I got a bunch of beach toys from the Dollar Tree before we left for our trip. I didn't want the littles begging for overpriced beach toys while we were there. I was amazed at how well these kites flew, especially considering that there were two in one pack. 

That evening we celebrated Evan's 3rd Birthday which can be seen {here}!

The following morning was the last day of our trip. We had an early check-out and went to the beach for the final time:( Despite the SPF 70 sunblock that we saturated the littles in, Evan had started to get a little sunburn, so we kept his rash guard shirt on him.

After a very short beach trip (I didn't want any of us to get burnt), we went in search of a good place to eat for lunch. My friend Tenesha had been on vacation in Destin a couple of weeks earlier and had suggested a few places to eat. We decided to eat at Pomapano Joe's, one of her suggestions, and boy was I glad that we did.

P.S. If you get the chance to go by Pompano Joe's, go during lunch time. They had some great lunch specials.

We also enjoyed the atmosphere.

The littles grooved out to the music being played by some of the beach-goers. Ha!

And, I was finally able to satisfy my craving for oysters on the half shell, an appetizer that I had all to myself!:)

It was the perfect getaway trip. We were as relaxed as any family can be on vacation and we made some great memories. I love the beach!

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